Lundy may 2018 - available for females - will soon be neutred - Pedegree


Mixed pictures

Summer 2014

IC N* Adelroses Aurelia Munch

IC S* Miss Mikkus Golliwogg

IC Chrisycats Ipanema

Brædstrup 2014




Ipanema was at the World Show in Ålborg. We are so proud of  Ipanema, who became EX 2 out of 5. The cats she was in competition with, was from Norway, Sweden, Germany and France.




Show in Nr. Åby juni 2013



Juni 2013 - Pictures from the catrun

DK Chrisycats Ipanema 10 month

Chrisycats Annabell 5,5 year - Neuter

S*Miss Mikkus Golliewoog 3years - not in photo mood:-)

N*Skaugumåsens Tigergutt 5year, fat and chiped:-)

N*Adelroses Aurelia Munch 5,5 year


Chrisycats Ipanema on show in Fredericia - thanks to Sandie from DK Skylight for the pictures









Iris and Heartbreaker






Kittens after Shaggytails Blue Bell and our Tigergutt



Pictures of DK Chrisycats Fanny from our F- Litter



Pictures of Tigergutt and Golliwogg




Chrisycats Gaia and Grace



Pictures from show in Brædstrup - thanks  Anja Lorentzen

               S*Miss Mikkus Golliwogg                                                            N* Skaugumåsens Tigergutt                            Chrisycats Honey and owner Anja Lorentzen, Golliwogg og Tigergutt til BIV

Chrisycats Figo - thanks Lasse :-)

Billeder af Chrisycats Harley - thanks Søren:-)



Pictures of Chrisycats Hope - thanks Christine :-)





Pictures of the show in Vorbasse


Golliwogg on show in Vorbasse, as you can see, she did not like to present herself this weekend :-) She got EX 3 and EX 2. We hope she get used to be showed again, after nearly a year off.



Chrisycats Honey owned by Anja Lorentzen. Honey got 2 x EX 1 and a BIV - lovely little lady :-)


Chrisycats Frost - thanks for the pictures :-)



Pictures of our females


CH Plicas Cabbi 5 years - neuter and our first Norwegian Forestcat


IC Chrisycats Annabell 3,3 years - neuter


IC Adelroses Aurelia Munch 3,2 year - Without coat, she has stayed inside with her kittens


Miss Mikkus Golliwogg 1 year old


Dream from our D-Litter


Pictures from the show in Kolding