DK Chrisycat

Norwegian Forest Cats

Planer/Plans 2019

Planen var at vores hankat GIC S*Zygots Zircon Rock, DVM var blevet rigtig voksen og vil parre vores piger. Gollie har mødt har flere gange uden held så hun vil besøge IC F*Far Away Frozen Lands Lundy i næste løbetid. Ipanema måtte neutraliseres og Lady vil få lov at møde Rocky.


We hoped that our male GIC*S*Zygots Zircon, DVM was grown up now and ready to mate our girls tis year.His has met Gollie severels times with no luck so she will meet IC F*Far Away Frozen Lands Lundy in her next heat. We had to neuter Ipanema and Lady will get her chance with Rocky as planned.

Lady and Rocky has met, time will show if she is pregnant, if not, we have other plans for her.

GIC Chrisycats Lady Love

GIC *S Zygots Zircon Rock, DVM